ICL Specialty Fertilizers

The Osmocote fertiliser granules are a special form of fertiliser with the ability to gradually releases it’s nutrients into the ground. This is possible thanks to it’s reactive coating. Making ICL’s  is a complex set of steps, I was asked to make those steps easier to understand.

These steps are usually undertaken in huge specialized machines, not very transparent, we chose to build the machines and transport containers out of glass so we can follow the granules from start to finish.

I like to work with graphic designers because of their eye for composition and clear shapes that translate into easy to understand geometry. I worked with Vincent Hammingh to create the style of the animation. We wanted to use as few objects as possible to keep the story clear.

I would then take those clean shapes and add surface imperfections to the models to make it realistic. Scratches in the paint or fingerprints on the glass are added to give the project a “did they film this?” look.


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